PhD students

Gemma Rate (Sheffield 2016–20)

Journal papers:

Katie Tehrani (Sheffield 2015–19)

Journal papers:

Chris Rosslowe (Sheffield, 2011–15)

Thesis title: Physical properties of Wolf-Rayet stars at infrared wavelengths

Journal papers:

Emile Doran (Sheffield, 2009–14)

Thesis title: The interplay between massive stars and their associated nebulae within the Milky Way and Large Magellanic Cloud

Journal paper: The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey. XI. A census of the hot luminous stars and their feedback in 30 Doradus

Jo Bibby (Sheffield, 2007–10)

Thesis title: Wolf-Rayet stars as the progenitors of Type Ib/c Supernovae

Journal papers:

Currently at University of Central Lancashire.

James Furness (Sheffield, 2005–09)

Thesis title: Observations of young, high mass star forming regions

Journal papers:

Sarah Moll (Sheffield, 2004–08, Co-Supervisor)

Thesis title: Properties of young, massive clusters in nearby galaxies

Journal papers:

Lucy Hadfield (Sheffield, 2003–07)

Thesis title: A multi-wavelength study of Wolf-Rayet stars in the nearby universe

Journal papers:

Currently a Senior Teaching Fellow at St Andrews.

Fabrizio Sidoli (UCL, 2002–09)

Thesis title: The massive star population of Wolf-Rayet galaxies

Journal paper: The massive star population in the giant HII region Tol 89 in NGC 5398

Jay Abbott (UCL, 2000–03)

Thesis title: Quantitative spectroscopic studies of Wolf-Rayet stars in Local Group galaxies

Journal paper: Wolf-Rayet stars in M33. I – Optical spectroscopy using CFHT-MOS

Richard Norris (UCL, 1999-2003)

Thesis title: The role of massive stars in young starburst galaxies

Journal paper: Realistic ionising fluxes for young stellar populations from 0.05 to 2 Zsolar

Luc Dessart (UCL, 1996–99)

Thesis title: Quantitative studies of Wolf-Rayet stars in Local Group galaxies

Journal papers:

Currently a Research Astronomer at Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur (France).