I have contributed to recent (and upcoming) conferences as follows:


Science with the Hubble and James Webb Telescopes VII SOC member (Porto, 29 Apr - 2 May 2024)

ULLYSES: Continuing the voyage of discovery Contributed speaker (Baltimore, 11-14 Mar 2024)


Surveying the Milky Way: The Universe in our own Backyard SOC member (Pasadena, 23-27 Oct 2023)

The Wolf-Rayet phenomenon in the Universe invited speaker (Morelia, 19-23 Jun 2023)

First UVEX community workshop invited speaker (Pasadena, 13-15 Mar 2023)


Lorentz Workshop: ULLYSES: New horizons in massive star spectroscopy (Leiden, 7-11 Nov 2022)

IAUGA FM4: UV Insights to massive stars and young stellar clusters, invited speaker (Busan, Korea, 2-3 August 2022).

IAU Symp. 361: Massive stars near and far, invited speaker (Ballyconnell, Ireland, May 2022).

Lorentz workshop: Bringing stellar evolution and feedback together (Leiden, 25-29 April 2022).


Lorentz workshop ULLYSES sets sail: Massive star spectroscopy with the HST and ESO VLT (Leiden, 13-17 December 2021).

Massive stars: Birth, rotation and chemical evolution, SOC member (Leiden, EAS 2021, 29-30 June 2021).


Resolving the ionised ISM, invited speaker (EWASS Lyon, France, June 2019).


Supernova diversity: Prospects and challenges for next-generation surveys, SOC member (Liverpool, EWASS 2018, 3-4 April 2018).


Spectral diagnostics to explore the Cosmic Dawn with JWST, invited speaker (Baltimore US, July-August 2017).

The Progenitor-Supernova-Remnant connection, contributed speaker (Ringberg Germany, July 2017).

Eta Carinae, LBVs, and supernova impostors (Pittsburgh US, June 2017).


IAU Symp. 329: The lives and deaths-throes of massive stars (Auckland NZ, 28 November to 2 December 2016).

Bridging the gap: From massive stars to supernovae, meeting organiser (Chicheley Hall, England, 1-2 June 2016).

Escape of Lyman radiation from galactic labyrinths, invited speaker (Crete, Greece, 26-29 April 2016).


Feedback in the Magellanic Clouds, invited speaker (Baltimore, USA, 5-7 October 2015).

Workshop on Wolf-Rayet stars, SOC member and invited speaker (Potsdam, Germany 1-5 June 2015).

Gamma ray bursts workshop, invited speaker (Beijing, China, 13-17 April 2015).


Supernovae in the Local Universe, invited speaker (Coffs Harbour, Australia, 11-15 August 2014).

EWASS Symp. 7: Fast outflows in massive stars, invited speaker (Geneva, Switzerland, 30 June to 1 July 2014).

Science with the HST IV: Looking to the future, invited speaker (Rome, Italy, 17-20 March 2014).


Galaxies meet GRBs at Cabo de Gata, invited speaker (Capo de Gata, Spain, 23-27 September 2013).

Massive stars: From Alpha to Omega, invited speaker (Rhodes, Greece, 10-14 June 2013).

The deaths of stars and the lives of galaxies, invited speaker (Santiago, Chile, 8-12 April 2013).


30 Doradus: The starburst next door, invited speaker (Baltimore, USA, 17-19 September 2012).

Supernovae illuminating the universe: From individuals to populations, contributed speaker (Garching, Germany, 10-14 September 2012).

Very massive stars in the Local Universe, invited speaker at JD2 at IAU General Assembly (Beijing, China, 20-31 August 2012).

Death of massive stars: Supernovae and gamma-ray bursts, invited speaker (Nikko, Japan, 12-16 March 2012).