Press releases and media reports which have resulted from my research.

'Black hole police' discover a dormant black hole outside our galaxy (ESO, July 2022) reported in:

Cosmic Serpent (ESO, Nov 2018) reported in:

Weighing massive stars in nearby galaxy reveals excess of heavyweights (Oxford, January 2018) reported in:

Hubble unveils monster stars (ESA, March 2016) reported in:

Fast, furious, refined: Smaller black holes can eat plenty (Gemini, Nov 2013) reported in:

Hubble's 22nd anniversary image shows turbulent star-making region (STScI, April 2012) reported in Big picture: The Tarantula Nebula (BBC Science News)

Gemini South reveals first nitrogen-sequence Wolf-Rayet nucleus of a planetary nebula (Gemini, March 2012)

Stars just got bigger (ESO, July 2010) reported in:

Hubble catches heavyweight runaway star speeding from 30 Doradus (HST, May 2010) reported in Fast-moving star is a really big loser (Science News)

Black hole hunters set new distance record (ESO, January 2010) reported in 'Farthest' star-mass black hole (BBC Science News)

Massive black hole smashes record (NASA, October 2007)

Neutron star discovered where a black hole was expected (Chandra, November 2005)

Young and exotic stellar zoo: Super star cluster uncovered in Milky Way (ESO, March 2005)